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From December 2008 through December 2011- our group of ladies have sent 6,117 cards to the troops.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Over 5,000 greeting cards to the solider

We have finally reached 5,000 cards to the soliders.  This was both handmade and store bought cards.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that made cards, donated store bought cards and those who donated postage.   Thanks for helping me with this project. 

Since this task has been accomplished I think Blog Candy is in order.   I will give everyone an opportunity to make a comment and leave it on this post by Friday, April 23, 2010.  I will put all names in a bucket and then I will pick the luckey winner. 

the blog candy is 2 packages of clear stamps.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad to be the first person to comment on your post, and also know that I have been a part of this! It makes me feel really good to know that we have done such a good thing to help out others!!!
Kaci Gisclair-

Anonymous said...

Hello, I think these is abeatiful site. I love the butterflies. Can't wait to see the out come of your virtual stampsing!
L Carole Smith

Anonymous said...

Your blog and talent bring so much joy to others. You have a beautiful heart and I am glad to call you my friend!

-Cathy said...

I feel honored to be a part of the cardmaking. Above all, that is the most important and touching scrap work I do. Everything else is just extra after that. I know it's for a purpose. I know the soldiers truly appreciate receiving these so that they can have cards to send home to their families while they are out in the field with no where to purchase cards, not to mention even on a limited income. I'm sure it's a warm feeling his friends and families members receive when getting a card from him/her. We all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and tend to put the soldiers in the back of our minds. But their lives, and their families lives, go on while we're home with our families. It is so nice of you to start this project and succeed with it. It is amazing to see how far you've come...5,000 cards. That is absolutely amazing!!!! You're their angel! By the way, I've been so busy with work and baseball, and am finally getting to catch up on your blog a little. I love the new look! Keep up the good work!
-Cathy Dore'

Anonymous said...

I am proud too to be a part of the card project--
I KNOW these cards have been appreciated.
Keep up the great work!
Love ya --Roni

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! that number 5,000 amazes me. Patty - you started with a few cards and look where you are today. I am sure that it is not always easy to keep something like this alive, but I admire your determination and perseverence in doing so. Some people think of doing things like this, some people start things like this and quickly fizz out, but you have stuck with this no matter what bumps have come along in your own personal life. I know this runs deep in your heart and I know that you could not have done this without the help of a lot of wonderful people. Congrats to the TROOPS here at home for the success in getting cards to the TROOPS so far from home.
Love, Liz

Anonymous said...

Was so happy to see you today. Wish Peter my best. You now have me adicked to card making

Anonymous said...

Hi Patty, I'm from the Crop Room II. I think this is great that you and your group have reached 5,000 cards. I contribute to a local club that mails them to a group in Oregon which then sends them to the soldiers. I don't remember the total, but our small group sent around 600 this year. I also like your blog and will have to check it out more often. See you on the CRII.
Nita Clark
P.S. If I win you can contact me there. LOL Gotta plan ahead.

Anonymous said...

i can't wait til Friday!!!