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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Scrapfest - September 2008

This weekend was "Scrapfest 2008" here in the New Orleans Metro area. The event was for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I had a very nice morning drive to Mandeville, which is on the North shore of Lake Ponchartrain. I live on the South shore. The drive 24 miles across the lake was just so relaxing, lots of boats in the lake although it was very early (8:00 a.m). The weather was so beautiful, just to pretty to be inside during scrapping. But to make up for not being outdoors I was with some really special ladies.

I only attended on Saturday (9AM till midnight). I sat with the Scrapping Cats (Garnet -MeMe Cat, Tabathia -Tabby Cat, Rita -Lady cat, Linda F -Booty Cat, and Paticia - don't know her cat name), along with some other scrapping friends. Julie Lay and Debbie Williams from the Paper Dolls, Peggy Morgan from Sugar and Spice and her friend Beth (new to scrapbooking), Jackie, Donna Lightell (Linda F group), and Charlene Klump.

Jackie Daigle from the Scrapping Packin Mommas was in attendance on Thursday and Friday only. Jackie I missed you.

Beth is brand new to scrapbooking and she is very creative and artistic, she did some beautiful layouts. Julie was making the cutest little treat bags for her girl scout troop. She used 2 brown lunch bags, a stick (an actual branch), some string, ribbon and some cute little bling tags she bought from Michael's, along with some candy treats. All this together created cute little broom bags filled with treats.

Peggy was working on some of her scrapping event pages, and she had to show me one that she did of me. She cut me out of a picture from the GCS event "Girls Wanna Have Fun" and stuck me on a horse. It was to fun. She was also working on two beautiful chipboard books for Christmas gifts.

Charlene rarely sat at her seat Saturday, she was off taking classes or doing Make N Takes.

I was busy making paper piecings and finishing some Christmas Card Kits (that will be sent to my brother). I completed 7 paper piecing all Halloween related. All will be given always as gifts.

Some of them will be going to someone special to me, and they are having a birthday in a few weeks. I know that Halloween is one of her favorite holidays.

Later in the night one of the vendors at Scrapfest. Had really nice pattern paper on sale for 20 sheets for a $1.00. I walked away with 140 sheet for $7.00. There was a mob of women trying to buy paper out of 3 large boxes, what a sight that was.

I also bought 4 new stickles Lime green, Turquoise, Orange, and Yellow. I am slowly collecting them. I have not like using glitter in the past because it is so messy, but I have fallen in love with the stickle glitter glue.

I was able to finish my last 2 paper piecing right before midnight (with 10 minutes to spare) and they only thing I had to left to complete on it was glitter, which I did this morning. The picture above shows one with glitter and one without. What a differences it makes.

I totally had a nice relaxing day and enjoyed spending time with Julie, and Peggy, and of course the rest of the ladies. I basically stayed in my seat most of the time, instead of visiting like I usually do. Although I did run across a few of my scrapping friends that I only see at events. Nicole Landry, Ms. Dee, Michele Gauthreaux, Liz Dore and her sister, Michele, and Tara (sweet n sassy).

The drive back home across the lake was also a very relaxing ride. It was really pretty seeing all the lights on the south shore of the lake and the 24 mile drive seem to go quickley across the lake .

Paper Piecing

Here are a few paper piecings that I made for my "Sale Box". I forgot to take a picture of the mermaids that I made.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Christmas cards for the Card Queen

My online group "The Crop Room" for the last couple of months we have had a Card Swap. The way it works is that everybody signs up. Everybody is assigned a number, then a number is picked and that person is the Card Queen for the month. Everyone else has to make 4 cards for the queen and mail them directly to her. Kathy (Tuit) is the lucky one this month. The queen provides us with a list of cards that she needs. Well I decided to make "Christmas Cards" for her

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another donation to SPM Fall crop

Here is another project that I have completed to donated to the Scrappin Packin Mommas Fall Crop weekend.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stationary Box

The group Scrappin Packin Mommas that I belong will be holding a fall crop weekend in October. This is one of the gifts that I have donated to the function. The stationary box holds 12 christmas cards, 5 3 x3 gift cards, and 12 christmas tags, along with a small note book, and a place to hold stamps.

Check out these blogs for other stationary boxes:

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The winner of the Birthday Blog Candy is ....

The following names was put into a bowl and the winner is .........................................................................................................................................................................................................demin Rose.

Friday, September 12, 2008

It's Birthday - Blog Candy Time

Well I have been having this blog for a year now, and have over 9,800 hits. I have created 177 post on this blog. What better way to celebrate but to give away some goodies. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post "It's Birthday-Blog Candy Time". Then Saturday night around 8:00 p.m. I will pick a winner. Make sure you leave information for me to contact you if you do not have a blog, or check back on Saturday night for the winner. Here is what is up for grabs.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Swap at the "Crop Room"

I received my swap from the "Crop Room" . I entered 3 of the strings. The 3 x3 cards, sleeves for gift cards and bookmarkers.

Monday, September 8, 2008

A gift to someone special

My sister, Lizzy just celebrated a birthday. I made her 12 - 3 x 3 gift cards with a small holder and gave her a round tab punch.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Blog hopping finds.....

Had withdrawal from blog hopping due to being evacated due to Hurricanne Gustav. Here is what I found - why don't you go and take a look.

Making a fabric flower… check out this link
Tab - check out the Hall pass, thought you might be interested. This would also be a neat gift for a teacher.
Check out these cute cards … a good use for some of your punches.