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Friday, November 9, 2007

Went Shopping for Badge Clips and ended up with more

Tuesday night after work I went across the river to the Clearview Micheal's to buy some badge clips to make my storage rack. But they were out of stock. I did check out the dollar bins and they have not received there Christmas stamps, I was a bit disappointed.

I really wanted my badge clips so I went a little further down the road to the Veterans Michael's, and they had a ton of badge clips. I bought 2 packs for starters they were $2.99 for 21 clips. While there I had to check out the dollar bins and they had the Christmas stamps. I ended up buying 9 stamps and a few other dollar items. While at Michael's I decided to treat myself to the texture boards that I have been wanting for sometime. Took them home and started playing with them. They were okay but was not completely excited about the finish product. I just think this user just needs to work with the texture boards just a bit to master them.
I also wanted to work with my new stamps. But I searched and searched all over for my versa mark stamp so that I could do some embossing - well I could not find it, until the next evening. Well I have been working hard on completing my Christmas Cards. I have about 28 done so far and need to complete a total of 56. I plan on giving my email pen pal 6 homemade christmas cards.
Off to the country again this weekend to visit with my younger sister, Cathy and her family. Plan on finishing up my Christmas cards.
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My Paper World said...

Your christmas cards look fab, and so does your new stash!