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Thursday, January 24, 2008

School Projects - Raid Mom's Scrapbook supplies

My niece, Sara had two (2) school projects so far this year at school. Which required artwork. Well since both her and her mom has scrapbook supplies they were able to dig into the supplies for the required supplies for a christmas ornament and a Mardi Gras Float.

For all my readers that are not from Louisiana. When you are in elementary school, at some point you will be ask to make a mardi Gras float as a school projects? Sara had to do hers for a history grade.

She used cardstock, ribbon, and lots and lots of red line tape.
The other project that Sara had was to make a jesse ornament for the tree at her school. Everyone in her class had to make a lily oranment. They used mod podge, cardstock, glitter, swirl paper clip and a cross. Her ornament was pick to be put on the school tree.


mineyskiney said...

Sara Girl!!!

Hey Pee-Wee Momma!!!! Wow, it was so nice to see you make your debut on your Aunt Patty's blog. Mom always has fun making projects with you and I am so happy that we share the same interest of scrapbooking. You go girl!!!and keep on digging in those scrapbook supplies.
Loving You Always,
Your Mom
a/k/a Yo! Momma

Kristine said...

Oh, she's soo creative!! :) What a fun experiment to do a "float". I'm from Oregon, but that sure looks neat!! :)

My Paper World said...

Great projects that Sara made! Creativity must run in your family! xx

Sugah said...

My Dear Sara: You and your mom did a beautiful job on both of your projects.I can see from the pictures that you have indeed inherited that Spongia talent. I know it was fun digging in all that scrapbook stuff.Great Job keep up the good work.
I love you,
Your Mamaw