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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Card Session at Yo Momma's house

On Sunday, December 30, several ladies met at Yo Momma's house for a card making sessions. The following Scrappin Packin Mommas were there Yo Momma (Lizzy), Momma 411(Patty L) and Karakoa Momma (Laura). From the Sweet & Sassy group we had Peppermint Patty (Patty P), and Starburst (Kaci), also Barbara Lajaunie and Yo Momma's little girl, Sara.

We started at 5:oo p.m. and shut down the card making session around 3:30 a.m the next morning. Between all of the girls we created a total of 83 cards. The picture to the left is all the stamps/punches that we shared with each other.

Yo Momma, with her assistant Sara made a total of 12 cards, which will go into a box for a teacher gift.

Momma 411 created 11 (cards to left)cards, also took advantage of everyone's stamps, stamped out quite a few of the stamps in different colors, on white and ivory cardstock for future card making.

Peppermint Patty created 13 cards, and she also created 4 card boxes, which included making the dividers for each and she did a lot of stamping on all her dividers, she did not make her first card until well after midnight. One of her card boxes was a gift to her sister, which she had to deliver the next day, so everyone there chipped in and donated one card for her sister's box.

Starburst created 15 cards and also made a card box, with dividers. Kaci thanks for bringing those really great stamps for card making.

Karakoe Momma created a total of 12 cards, she had a list of cards to make and was able to complete them all with a few extras. Earlier in the day she created her card box. Which was so cute. Laura's card box on the left and one of her cards on the right
Barabara created 14 cards, she used a lot of ribbon and fibers so really precious cards. She also took advantage of the stamps, and punches.

Sara helped her mom with paper selections. Throughout the evening each lady there received a beautiful handmade card from Sara. Her momma created a card for her and everyone there wrote a little note to Sara in the card.

Can't wait for a future card making session... hope that Eastbank Momma (Tammy) will be able to make the next one.

We each brought a little something to contribute to the snack table (Stir Fry veggies, peach clobber, rice krispy treats, crab dip with crackers, cake, and cut macorni.

Overall we had a wonderful time just socializing and sharing our creative thoughts

patty - momma 411- paper piecing patty - memorycollector


Anonymous said...


I had sooo much and can't wait until our next session!!! I think it really expanded all our creativity just being together and feeding off of each others energy and ideas!!!


Cathy said...

awwwww - - i'm so sad that i missed it. let me know about it next time.

lfazende said...

i am sorry i missed it now. yall sure did a great job. i went to dinner with juli, lisa, lori and pam. we had a great time but did no get anything accomplished like yall. we just ate and talked. thanks for the invite and hopefully i can make the next one if yall hve enough room. linda

"Starburst" said...

I had so much fun......cant wait until next time!!! Will have to come up with some neat ideas for next time!!!

Sugah said...

Love reading about all the fun to be had at the home of yo mommas.
There is nothing like being together with friends.Looks like all of you girls had those creativity juices going. I'm really proud of my Sara. She well be a pro.because she has been watching and learning from the pros. Maybe one day she well have her friends over for a card making party.I wish I was closer and could join in. Love Ya!~Sugah~