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Monday, July 21, 2008

Gulf Coast Scrappers New Orleans Event

This weekend was the Gulf Coast Scrappers New Orleans Event. I ended up going with 8 other ladies. Some of us were from the Scrappin Packin Mommas, Sugar & Spice and just friends and relatives. Since the theme of the event was Floppin around GCS, we decided to call ourselves "Flip Flop Gals". The weekend before the event the ladies got together and created a banner and shirts for the event. The banner had 6 pairs of flip flops on each side, each flip flop was 3D, we used ribbon, silk flowers, eylets and brads on the flip flops and used velcro to attached the flip flops and the paper piece suns to the banner. Charlene had the idea for the palm tree, which the tops were made with green poster board, umbrella frame, the leaves were stapler to the umbrella frame, then we attached gold balloons for conuts. The base of the tree were dowel sticks cover in paper painted to look like the bark of the palm tree, and we used Jackie and Jenny's monkeys to attach to the bark of the tree.

My tablemates were Peggy, Jackie and Tammy. The other ladies that sat on our row of tables were Shey, Charlene, Jenny, Janice, Stephaine, Zee, Lisa and Bonnie. Only 4 of the Scrappin Packin Mommas attended and they were Jackie (GoGo Momma), Patty (Momma 411), Tammy (Eastbank Momma) and our newest member Jenny (Spicy Momma).

....................................................................................................................I taught two Paper piecing classes at the event and they were successful. I also took 3 make n take classes, one class was a pocket card, another was making vintage flowers, and the last was making a wall hanging using corrugated cardboard as the base of the hanging.
Our table won the table decoration at the event. We also got lots of postive comments on our shirts. Our table won $25.00 as the prize and it was split 9 ways.


Pinky said...

Oh man how fun!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Looks like you girls had a great time. I love the table decorations and the picture of ya'll in front of the beach scene is just too funny. Love it, Love it, Love it. Girl, between the SPM Cruise entertainment and you posing in front of the umbrella - well, what can I say - HILARIOUS. I absolutely love seeing you let your hair down. Now would Peggy haaaaaaave anything to do with that? Her sitting there looking all innocent in her lounge chair - soaking up the sun.

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the JUST BECAUSE!!!!!

Your sister, friend and fellow SPM
Lizzy a/k/a Yo! Momma

Anonymous said...

Girls .. yall did a wonderful job on the table dec.. I am loving the tree's perfect ..

Loved all the pics!
Garnet ..
MeMe Cat