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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Witches Night Out

The Scrappin Packin Momma has yet another successful weekend crop. There were a few minor bumps in the road but overall I think things went well. The leader for this special event was Tammy - Ms. "Frankie" Stein.

We started around 7:15 p.m with the potion ceremony where each lady was given a witches name. My name was Paper Potion Patty. Then around 9:30 p.m. I read a little notice about me losing my potion cards and needing help finding them. They were all found and 10 lucky ladies received goodie bags from me for their help (Each package had 2 home made cards).

There were several games of bingo that was won. There was a twist to our bingo, in order to X out a square you had to complete a layout, and that layout had to have the item that was in the square (ex. Brads). I had heard that a lot of scrap booking and card making was done. It also encourage some to try new techniques on their cards or layouts.

There were lots of prizes to win, each lady walked away with a guaranteed 3 gifts (large, medium, and small). Of course, if you won bingo then that was another gift. Then around 9:00 p.m. on Saturday there was a drawing for door prizes. Lisa-Bewitched Boo-racco made some awesome gifts, and Jackie (Jack-E-Lantern) donor a gift basket full of scrap booking supplies, and that was won by Peggy (Magical Morgan)

There was 10 entries for the Tag contest. The winners were Lizzy-Yo! Mummy (1st), Peggy-Magical Morgan (2nd) and Lisa-Bewitched Boo-racco (3rd). All the tags were awesome.

The Best Witch hat contest was won by Lizzy. She won with 7 votes, and the number of her hat (frog & cattails) was #7.

There was some really cute broom parked in the parking area. Lizzy had the best it had a steering wheel, and eyes for rear view mirror. While most of the brooms were compact, Jackie's (Jack-E-Lantern) was a cadallic.

There was also Technique classes. Lizzy (Yo! Mummy) taught us how to paint on a black & White photo), Lisa (Bewithcd Boo-racco) taught us about alcohol inks, and how to make a cute mini album using a school folder. Tammy (Ms. "Frankie" stein) showed us how to use the dispenser (xyron) without the machine.

I was able to complete 9 hand made cards and 3 layouts.

momma 411
paper piecing patty


My Paper World said...

Wow! that really sounds like fun!

memecat said...

Sounds like you guys had lots of fun. But I knew you would :) I can't wait for the 26th for my turn to go scrapping with Tab and Franny in Lafayette.
Who did the most pages? LOL

My Paper World said...

The photos look great, thanks for sharing them!

Cathy said...

i'm so glad you all had a good time. sounds like lizzy is the talented one with all those wins. y'all have some awesome imaginations. i wish i would have been there for the demo that tammy did with the xyron cartridge. jackie is so talented with her painting - - she's got me itching to get back into it. dalton started a paint by number last night - - it's a start!