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Monday, October 29, 2007

Bayou Segnette-Sunday

REMINDER: When viewing the pictures - if you click on them you can enlarge for better viewing.

Here is a picture of my little table for my paper piecing sale.

Sunday I returned to Bayou Segnette at 2:00 p.m. to teach my second paper piecing class, and to sell my paper piecings. The second class was a Frankenstein. After each of my classes I have a drawing with all the participates in my class, and the lucky winners, receives the sample paper piecing that we used in the class.

I love walking around and viewing everyone’s work - the ladies in the Creative Juices group was making some awesome Christmas Cards and they had a ton of beautiful stamps in their possession. Kyle from the Scrapping Cats was also making some really beautiful Christmas Cards. Peggy was working on some Halloween pages from our Witches Night Out (Scrappin Packing Mommas - Oct Crop) and doing a great job - might have to send her my pictures to scrap LOL. Shey was the queen of the crop and went home with a ton of gifts, she also completed quite of few layouts of her New York Trip and some of her little girl. My new friend Charlene completed some awesome pages of her granddaughter at the pumpkin patch.

Debbie the lady that was in charge of the event. Made table stands for everyone that attended the event. She used the metal frame from the political signs and mounted them to a block of wood, and attached some badge clips to the frame so that you can hang either cards or layouts. My good friend Peggy, gave me her stand. What a great friend. Thanks Peggy.

She also used an old lamp shade to make a much larger one to store some of her embellishments. So now I am going to have to hit the flea markets and garage sales to look for an old lamp shade so that I can make a stand. It was awesome because I have been wanting to design something like this stand for my paper piecing sale, and I was surely surprise to see her design, because it is exactly what I was looking. Thanks Debbie for being so creative.

Debbie also invited me to have supper with them. We had baked chicken, cheese mashed potato, and salad, which was yummy. Thanks Debbie.

Here is another find from surfing the net.

Moonlight Inker (Blog). Have a simple tutorial of water coloring with markers.

Twisted Chick

Love Bloom’s in Me


Amy said...

Thanks for sharing the photo of that repurposed lamp shade. What a great idea! Do you have any idea what types of clips she used?

Patty Provance said...

Hey Patty, Looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend filled with lots of fun! I just wanted to send a "FYI" for you to pass on to Jackie in regards to her store. One of the scrapping stores here that I go to often has a large open crop area that is open for croppers during the day for free and on Friday nights they have $5 crops with make & takes. Anyway, in addition to the large open area they also have a large room that branches off the store that is a cropping area too. It is just more private and they use it for classes, parties, etc. EX. I am getting together with a lady that I met at scrapfest and some of her friends who are coming to town from LA and we are all going to split the cost for renting the private room for 3 days. We are going to bring snacks & drinks, etc and have our own little 3 day retreat from 9 to midnight on a fri, sat, & sun. The really neat thing is that while we are having our little retreat thing the store is still able to have open crop for customers and still profit throughout the day from our purchases as well as the regular croppers. They will still carry on with classes and schedules but we will be in the private area which is not closed completely off to the store. Has a really nice arch doorless doorway. The store also has a refrigerator that we wil be able to use for drinks, etc. Another thing is that they have some type of class held every day several times throughout the day. :You would be very surprise to see how many ladies come during morning classes... Just another FYI. Well, I hope that this is info that she can use to help her store be a success. I can't wait to visit it when I'm in town. patty p.

Patty Provance said...

Oh yeah, the lamp & sign recycling thing was a really awesome idea! I too will have to keep my eyes Thanks Debbie for being such a creative mind and thanks Patty for sharing... patty p.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a clever idea to use a lampshade like that... totally fab recycling idea :)