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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lori & Lisa's Stampin Up Party

There was a beautiful board that displayed awesome Halloween & Christmas cards. There were 3 make N takes. The 1st was a cute Halloween card that held a lollipop. The second we used mailing labels and stamped them and then wrapped a stamped mailing label (dollar tree mailing labels) a small candy bar, then 4 candy bars were put into a small plastic bag, then we made a topper for the plastic bag. They also demonstrated how to a sour cream container that you could fill with goodies, and of course when I got home I had to make one. We also made a cute Christmas card, using a background stamp, and a snowman stamp. They gave each of us a white gift bag and we were able to decorated the bag with stamped images, mine was a Christmas bag.

Yesterday (Saturday, 10/20), Peter and I drove down to the French Quarters and downtown looking for all the fleur de lieu, but we were only able to find one, that one was on the corner of O'Keefe and Howard. We tryed to go down Bourbon Street, to go to Royal, what a mistake to drive down Bourbon to many people walking in the streets, and got frustrated and went home, I guess we will try again next weekend. We came to the conclusion that most of them were indoors.


My Paper World said...

Wow, great makes! I especially love the one with the lollipop holder!

Patty Provance said...

thanks for sharing what ya'll did at Lori & Lisa's stampin up party. It was killing me that I was not there but at least I can now make one for myself because you shared them online. Thanks! What awesome creativity. patty

Anonymous said...

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