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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gate with flower - Copic coloring

Thought I would share with everyone on how I colored this gate with flowers using Copic Markers.  I am a beginner and I am sure there is lots for me to learn. But wanted to share just the same.

Add RV19 - I dotted each little flower leaving some white space.
 Add RV06 color the whole flower with this color going over the RV19.

Add G24 - to the leaves again just dotted to the leaves leaving white space.

 Using YG03 color in some grass - color just enough to there should be white area  in the grass.  Then use G24 and do short strokes as if you are making blades of grass (there is a picture missing but you will see the effect below).  Then use 0- blender to blend in the grass.

Ad E44 on the stones

add W5 to the stones but do not go over the E44 area in the stones.
Add W3 and color over both the E44 and W5 on the stones.  Add W5 to the gate.
Add BG10 to the fence coloring over the W5 area and extending the BG10 into the white area, leave lots of white uncolored on the fence.
Add E13 around the edges of the stone to form a path.
Add B34 all around the fence and flowers and the one side of the circle on the upper part of the gate.
Add B32 to form the rest of the sky coloring over the B34 area.  You will have to use the B34 again to darker some of the areas.
Then use a 0 blender and color over the B32 and B34 area to soften the sky area.

finished image.  Hope you enjoyed.  

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