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Friday, October 3, 2008

3 little dancers

These was so fun to make. I found that I am using my stickles more and more on my paper piecings.
Did you know that the 7 Movements of Dance are: Bending ,
Gliding, Turning, Stretching, Jumping, Rising,Darting .


Anonymous said...

Patty:You really have something special and heartwarming going here with your blog. It is touching a lot of ladies hearts. I know it takes a lot of hours doing your paper piecings and updating your blog, but you have made such a beautiful reflection of who you are. The music made me cry this morning. Looking at your paperpiecing and hearing the music made me think so much of mom - brought tears to my eyes. You are so much like her. Thanks for continuing to update and share as I totally admire this blog. It will be a sad for me when this blog does not pop up in my e-mail. I love you so much. I have watched you grow with your artwork and see the joy in all of your pieces. I still think back to when you would say "I can't do artwork like you and Cathy" - well, right when we think we know it all, God shows us otherwise. You had the talent all along, just had to find it. You are a beautiful person and I truly, truly admire this page and how it reflects your goodness.
Love, Your Sister Liz

"Starburst" said...

Patty.....I love your little Ballerina paper piecings. They are beautiful, just like all your other works of art. I need to buy one of these from you for my little Bailey girl. I can not wait until she can start dancing school. I am sure she will look just like a little dancing princess!!!
Love Ya-

tuit said...

Patty after reading your sisters comment I wipe the tears away and hope that my sister loves me as much as yours does you! What a fantastic compliment to you, your talent and your relationship. As for the ballerinas, they are special. I have a little love, she is four who is performing for the 2nd time in the Nutcracker this Dec. I may contact you about making one that resembles her costume for her mommie's page! Just to add to what other's have said, I feel honored to have met you and to continue to be your friend..