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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Frances Till - Country Croppin' Chick

I attempted scrap booking at the age of 14. It wasn't a pretty attempt. Luckly, all evidence is long gone. he he he... I dabbled in it the following years, nothing to major. Mainly working on things that friends wanted. I started back full time when I was pregnant with Makenzie in 2004.

The first time, I really can‘t remember how I learned of it. The more recent times, I found a Creating Keepsake in Walmart. Due to the craft genes that run in my family, it wasn't a shock that I would pick up scrapbooking. I have always had a thing for paper...(don't tell anyone.
I am a proud member of the Country Croppin' Chicks (I'm Cowgirl) We are a newer club in Northeast Louisiana. We have been together about 18 months and have 7 members now!!! :-)

I have been married almost 3 years to the love of my life, John. We have a three year old little girl, Makenzie. John also has 3 kids from previous... Ariel 11 yrs, Jacob 9 yrs, and Dylan 5 yrs. 1 cat - monet, 2 horses - star and poppi, almost 40 goats, and about 40 chickens.

Hobbies? hmmm.... scrapbooking (duh!) Reading (Nora Roberts), Surfin' the net, a lot of other crafts (just no sewing or fabric related), watching movies, and playing with Makenzie!


mineyskiney said...


It was so nice seeing you on Paper Piecing Patty's blog. I see little by little we are making our "debut". You are very talented and I love seeing everyone's work. Hope to be able to crop with you and the Country Croppin' Chicks one day. I just love the logo of your group and think it is so awesome how the Chicks have grown so fast as a group. Your Makenzie is so precious. Sounds like you have your hands full at home.

Love, Liz

sugah said...

Cow-girl: I enjoyed reading your debut. You are sooo.. talented girlfriend. You have shared so much of your knowledge and talents with our little group.The Country Croppin Chicks are lucky to have you as one of the Chicks.I love all the pictures. I was looking at the spice rack that is on your crop table. GREAT IDEA!
Love, Sugah

Cathy said...

What a star!!!!

Frances: I love your scrap room - - I heard so much about it when we were swap pals and I finally got to see a pic of it. Sounds like you're having a lot of fun with scrapping, you rebel girl. Keep up the good work and eat your heart out.

I sure wish I had you here to do all the handwriting on my scrapping projects. I just love your handwriting - - it is so perfect!