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Sunday, December 2, 2007

What great finds.

Back in November while visiting with my younger sister, Cathy. We stopped in at a flea market and she bought a shoe rack. She went home broke off all the "U" shapes that held the shoes and had her hubby cut it into 2 pieces and mount it on her wall. She used large paper clips instead of badge clips to hold her embellishments.

My friend, Michele informed me that one day on the way home from work she found 2 lamp shades, and she was kind of enough to pass one my way. Her daddy is suppose to be making us some type of stand for the lamp shades. Thanks Michele.

Check out the halloween stamps and ribbon - Martha Stewart brand. My sister Cathy and her friend Christy went shopping at Michael's in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and found these wonderful finds. The stamps was regular $9.99 and they were able to purchase them for 99 cent each. The ribbon was like 5.99 and was able to purchase for like 59 cents. What great finds. Thanks Cathy.

So how many of you decorate the envelope of your cards? I love decorating the envelopes. I love getting pretty mail. What about you? I used my stampin up rollers to decorate my Christmas envelope.

Here are a few good places that you might want to visit:

You just might want to take a skip and hop down cyberspace to the blogs listed below there are a few quite projects that you might be interested in viewing.

Here is a really good tip on how to reink your stampin up markers.


"Starburst" said...

I love all your christmas cards, they are so cute.....I think what Cathy did with the shoe rack is such a smart idea....LOVE IT!!! Keep up the good work!!! I love reading your give me such great ideas!!!

Anonymous said...

You always share such cool ideas...thanks for sharing :D
I never decorate my envelopes but I think I will have to start..they always look so pretty :D

My Paper World said...

Wow! great stash! thanks for the links too!

Anonymous said...

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