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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Table pieces for Baby Shower

 On January 9, I hosted a baby shower along with 4 others.  My oldest son, Matthew and his girlfriend, Nicole of six years are expecting a baby girl.  I ask my sister, Lizzy if she would help me with the centerpieces for the table and this is what she came up with.  We ask Nicole if she had any theme in mind, her only request was Pink & Brown. 

My sister, Lizzy wrapped 6 box with this really cute tan/polka dot wrapping paper. She added tissue in the boxes and made several pairs of paper shoes, and two little outfits made of paper and created two signs that said "It's a girl's thing" and attached to the gift bags.    There was one set (of 3 boxes) on each side of the cake.

She did an awesome job.  After the shower we asked Nicole if she wanted to keep the centerpieces. She said she loved them, but with their small house just did not have a place to store them.  My Friend, Peggy heard that we were going to throw them away.  So she ask if she could have them.  A few weeks later, Peggy used parts of the display at her granddaughter's birthday party.  The other day Peggy was picking up Chinese food at China Doll for her bible study group.  There was a few ladies from China Doll that walked out to help her put all the food in her trunk of her car, when they spotted the centerpieces.  They told her it was beautiful and told Peggy how they were looking for decoration for a baby shower for a co-worker.  Well Peggy passed this along to the ladies and they are going to use it for the co-workers baby shower. After the shower she said that they would pick it up and use it for future baby shower.  Isn't it so neat that my sister, Lizzy created something wonderful and it has been pass on for other to enjoy!  Great job, Lizzy 


craftattack said...

Lovely decorations, and so good that they are nor being thrown away!

Becky Andersen said...

How adorable! Great idea for me to file away for future referance!